Happy Ending Stories



By Meg John Barker and Barney


I'm so grateful to Ella and co for bringing me and Barney together. We clicked from the moment I met her at the foster home. She looked up at me with those big golden eyes and I just melted! Barney had been living in homes with a lot of other animals and was really unhappy there. Now she has a big spacious flat all to herself and she's clearly loving it. She loves to stretch out in spots of sunlight and is very keen on chasing the laser pen all over the place. She's very loving and often runs across the room to give us cat kisses. We're all so happy with our super new flatmate. She is super happy here - it's been wonderful watching her becoming more comfortable every day. She's just a delight in every way.






Clapton - Stoke Newington - Clapton


Socks had been missing from Clapton for about a month. His distressed owner tried her best to find him with no luck. Meanwhile, one late afternoon, a new cat was spotted on an estate in Stoke Newington. Thanks to dedicated members of Stokey Cats...and dogs pictures were uploaded and shared with the owner to confirm ID...it was Socks!

If cats could only speak...we would love to know how Socks travelled from Clapton to Stokey?!







Mind the gap, Brutus!


When Brutus went missing, his extremely worried owner did all she could to find him: put up "lost cat" posters, dropped a letter to all neighbours, went out to look for him late at night but it seemed that Brutus vanished into thin air. Breaking news came 10 days later. He had been locked in a generator station near his own house. He must have fell in there through the gap in the rooftop. Luckily no injures were reported and finally Brutus was back home.






Sweet KiKi


KiKi appeared in the back garden of an elderly care home at the end of winter. He was skin and bones. His coat had visible signs of a flea allergy. Lovely ladies from the care home gave him temporary shelter. A box and warm blanket was all that KiKi wanted. He made their garden his own. Day by day he put weight on, his coat became healthy and shiny and flea allergy disappeared once treated. Although very much loved, KiKi couldn't stay longer in his garden. That would break health & safety rules. All KiKi needed was a home he could call his own. And then his dream came through when lovely Mayuko fall in love with him from the minute they met.







Lucky Ace by Patrick Booth


Two years ago I went by train with my black boy Ace to a cat show in Eastleigh nr Southampton. On leaving the venue I raced to the station to catch a train back, on arrival at the station I became aware the carrier was empty!!! I discovered he had escaped from a side flap which I had failed to secure correctly. I retraced my route about 1 mile on a very busy road leading to the M3. Back at the venue after searching and calling him to no avail a young couple began to help with the search, at 11pm after 5 hours I had to leave to catch the last available train back to Waterloo. On arrival to my house it now being 1245am my landline was ringing, it was the young couple who had decided to continue the search and had found him underneath a car parked on somebody's drive.





Cats know how to make news!


When a small, black, timid, house cat went missing in April, we all thought she would be somewhere nearby. Maybe in a shed? Maybe locked in someone's house, in a loft, basement? As days passed by and there was no news about Nacho, more and more posters were put up and the search area has been widened. Almost 20 days later, when the hopes of finding Nacho were fading, we got the news that we all wanted to hear: Nacho has been FOUND! She got stuck between two 5 storey buildings. Happy and relieved Harriet, Nacho's owner wrote:"LIBERATED!". Nacho was taken to the vet for check up. Luckily she didn't have major injuries. Her swollen paw was not broken. Harriet also wrote really nice and encouraging words in Stokey Cats...and dogs group:

"I've been so touched - a crisis is a good way to meet other likeminded cat folk if nothing else..cat people are good people right?! I found her because every night I'd come home & softly call her name around our complex as a matter of course. Normally Oscar - king of the yard - pops up, but I suddenly heard this little meow that seemed to be coming from the carpark roof & a little different so I'm scouring the ceiling & around about & suddenly this little face appears from a girder. Gobsmacked. I must say all the reading I'd been doing about displaced indoor cat behaviour was really useful. In the midst of manic poster printing & searching far & wide you can be missing something right under your nose."